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Patient Feedback

Clear Lake Integrative Medicine has been a life saver. Before I started at CLIM, I had pain just climbing up the stairs. Now, I'm back at the gym doing what I love. Dr. Hendrikz has given me my life back.


This is my go-to place to relieve the stress on my joints. Dr. Earl does a great job with not only his adjustments and soft tissue work, but communicating the plan with your input. The staff is great and I always do my best to recommend CLIM to my friends when they seek relief.


I feel heard. I’ve been struggling with an injury for too long and wish I had found the team at Integrative Medicine sooner. I truly appreciate the setup here and how helpful and kind everyone has been


Dr.Hendrikz and his staff are tremendous. He's relieved my shoulder and Lower back issues. Which have allowed me to stay active at my advanced age. Highly recommend you take the opportunity to visit his office.


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